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B2B SaaS Copywriter For Extremely Complex Business Offerings

“Suzi was amazing to work with! We have perhaps one of the most complex business offerings, and Suzi was able to gather all the necessary information and interpret it into great web copy. Really enjoyed working with her.”

Website Content, Design, And SEO For Energy-Saving SaaS Product

“Suzi became like part of our internal team. We coined the word ‘Suzify’ for her ability to take technical jargon and turn it into interesting and clear copy.

When we started the project, our website was a mess of Machine Learning and AI concepts. We weren’t describing the benefits of our technology for customers. We were even afraid to take a stand for the positive environmental impact of our product.

Suzi quickly disabused me of being timid in our strong stance in support of climate change. She advised me to feature that on the website. Suzi’s interviews were always fun and inspiring and led me and the team to greater heights. We always enjoyed reading what she wrote after our interviews.

She knows the right questions to ask to interpret ‘engineer’ into words non-engineers understand and care about.

Suzi is one of a kind. Working with her brought the best of myself and the rest of the team. Amazing experience!”

Nana Wilberforce, PhD, Akeptus™ Founder & CEOWebsite

“You can control energy and utility costs NOW. You don’t have to wait for some magical future date when you can take control of energy usage. Akeptus™ app empowers you NOW to be in full control of energy usage and energy costs.”

Nana Wilberforce, PhD, Akeptus™ Founder & CEO
Cheryl Smith, Co-Founder Leadscape Learning

“You can control energy and utility costs NOW. You don’t have to wait for some magical future date when you can take control of energy usage. Akeptus™ app empowers you NOW to be in full control of energy usage and energy costs.”

Cheryl Smith, Co-Founder Leadscape Learning

Website Content For Coaching Programs Aimed At Mid-Level Corporate Managers

“If you are reading this testimonial, then consider yourself very lucky to have found Suzi Elton. She is first among equals in her field. Her knowledge of marketing, the flare of writing, and experience in business all combine to create a powerhouse of a consultant.

When we met Suzi, we hated our website and almost discouraged people from visiting as we were embarrassed at how bad it was. No more! Now I’ll even invite strangers to have a look. I’m so proud.

Suzi’s interview technique was exactly what we needed. She interviewed us, and then wrote a draft, which we reviewed together. This interview technique saved us months (maybe years) of time.

Suzi is fast. Suzi is fun to work with. Suzi is a gift to all she works with. My advice to you is this: start now. Suzi will surprise and delight you with her infectious enthusiasm and amazing talent. She’s simply the best.”

Website Content And Layout, IT Managed Services

“It was such a fantastic experience to work with Suzi. For every piece of writing we worked on, she made it easy. We jumped on a phone interview, and I expressed myself endlessly.

I don’t know how she did it, but she would take our entire interview and then compose our content, and it’s always spot on. She was able to capture the importance of the topic and always kept in mind our end goal: to create content to convert more clients.

She also brought a lot of expertise in laying out the content, placement of pictures and ensuring it was easy to read.

She was a great team player and worked with our web designer to ensure that everything was laid out correctly. I can’t wait to work with her on our next project!”

Ivan Fernandez, SPN Networks™ Founder & CEO“

“IT Managed Services, Virtual Desktop, Cloud Consulting”

Ivan Fernandez, SPN Networks™ Founder & CEO“
Startup Dramatically<br />
 Reduce IoT

Dramatically Reduce IoT And Machine Data in Real Time Over Any Network.

Website Content And Layout Design For Very Complex Technology—A Funded Startup

“Suzi is ultra-dedicated and gave her heart and soul to our project. Her work is extremely high quality and focused on the key values we were trying to convey on our new website. She understood our technology and the value it provides and was terrific at conveying it in plain English. Highly recommended.”

Website Content And Strategy For Software Development Agency

“There are a number of tasks I worked on with Suzi that I would like to highlight:

  • Captured my vision of the business.I had a bunch of ideas, and at the beginning, I couldn’t articulate them so they were easily understood. Suzi helped me find a path to clarity. Then we created a framework/structure for the business focusing on my love of using software to automate small businesses.
  • Acted as project manager for website project. I didn’t have a lot of time, so she took charge of directing the layout and look of the site and worked with my designer to lay out the plan on how to adapt the content she created to a new design we will be creating. We had a weekly conversation and from that, she wrote the copy. I had a deadline and she made sure to deliver days before that deadline happened. With me being ultra-busy, that was a very nice thing.
  • Contributed Creativity.While writing, she made sure to use appropriate keywords and tried to aim for domain authority. Also, she designed the menu of the site.
  • What I liked the most.
    • She consulted with me to create a strategy for the site and to reshape the business to be more profitable.
    • She developed a lead funnel for the entire website.
    • She provided small ways for a new customer to test out our services without making a big investment.
    • Then, she creatively designed automation packages that interconnect. Customers will buy a standalone automation package to market their business. Then, when needed, they can add another automation package to build onto their marketing capability.”

Jessie Valladares Founder & CEO Webtronic Labs

“Custom software that automates and integrates your systems. Web App Development, Software Consultation”

Jessie Valladares Founder & CEO Webtronic Labs
Webtronic Labs Logo
Camron James,™ Founder & CEOCharles

“I Help Entrepreneurs Build Sustainable Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Businesses.”

Camron James,™ Founder & CEO

7-Figure eComm Coach—Create And Automate Multi-Channel Online Content Creation & Marketing Strategy

“We brought Suzi on to lead our content creation and essentially be CMO of our online coaching business.

This was a very big project with content being published on YouTube, Facebook, email, and our private group. She was able to work from the top down by first organizing all our content, creating schedules for content, and streamlining the whole process for the team (while writing it all too!).

While writing the content, Suzi was able to grow our lists by 20% and improve our open rates from 16% to 26%, which is a massive feat. Along with that, her content helped bring on a ton of new customers which was all from making super engaging and valuable content.

Personally, I appreciated the help with organizing our incredible amount of content (this was a weak point in the business). Suzi did this by creating operations manuals, an easy to use master content schedule, and systemized/automated the process to make it as easy as possible.

I recommend using Suzi if you want to take the next step in your content creation & marketing.”

Website Content For Leadership Training Company

“Before we met Suzi we were struggling with a website that did not reflect well on our business. It did not clearly explain who we were or where we were going.

Rather than being proud of our site, we were actually reluctant to refer people to it. We knew we were unhappy but weren’t sure what to do about it.

Finding Suzi was a gift. She took us in hand and, through a series of powerful interviews, helped us clarify the nature of our business, the breadth of our accomplishments, and our direction going forward.

Her work with us was more than just creating words for a website; she helped us dream in detail. Her enthusiasm for our business was inspiring. We always came away from our conversations with her feeling clearer about what we were doing and more committed to doing it.

In her writing, Suzi conveys the same passion she brings to her interviews. She is a creative dynamo, working quickly and generating lots of high-quality material. We were often challenged to keep up with her. Even when we were distracted, she kept the project on track.

I am happy to recommend Suzi to anyone who wants to take their web presence to a new level. She is a dedicated, enthusiastic professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Brent Stewart, Co-FounderLeadscape Learning
Brent Stewart, Co-Founder Leadscape Learning

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