How We Work

When Hiring A Website Content Writer

You Want To Understand Their Working Style


When you hire a consultant, it’s critical that their working style meshes with yours. You need to know that there’s a fit. You want that elusive “chemistry”. These are my working habits, and the ways that I approach every project. Expect these things when you decide to hire me.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Working With Me

We’ll Stay Focused On Maximizing Your Value—And Increasing Your Prices

Increasing your prices is my top priority. I’m especially gifted at putting together packages of services that maximize value. Your clients are willing to pay higher prices when they receive more value. You can count on me to push your pricing (and value) to whatever maximum your services can command—and that you’re comfortable about charging.

Your Content Is Unique and Customized To Your Business

We work together personally and EVERYTHING is customized to your business. By interviewing you, I capture the unique nature of your business and how you help your clients. Your business stands out and the value of your services is obvious. I keep the content focused on those areas where you deliver the most valuable results.

You Get Clarity And So Do Your Prospects

Clarity is one of the best byproducts my clients get from working with me. You get clear on your business and how to make it better (as in making more money). You develop and “own” the most powerful concepts and phrases to use with prospects. We put new, better ideas in place and you let go of struggling to know what to say. When you’re clear, so are your prospects…and it’s easier to make a sale.

You Also Get A Marketing Strategy That Fits Your Lifestyle

In the course of our conversations, we’ll be working out your marketing strategy. My emphasis is always going to be on making sure that that strategy fits YOU. It’s ridiculous to create a marketing strategy that you hate doing. The strategy must fit your personality and your lifestyle.

But We Also Create A Business With As Much Work/Life Balance As Possible

As we work together, count on me to point out tweaks that make your LIFE better. Being a professional coach, I stress work/life balance as an important part of a successful business. We’ll be working to structure a better business where you work smarter not harder. There are plenty of ways to increase your income without making your business burdensome.

How We’re Different

When It Comes to Writing About Services, We’re Different!

You Get More Than Just Writing Alone


In today’s highly competitive market, writing isn’t enough. Think about all the millions of businesses competing for the attention of your ideal clients. You need to stand out. You must stand out, or your business will be lost in the “noise” of the marketplace. Here’s what we provide in addition to writing that is different from other website copywriting services.

We Provide Three Other Bonuses Built Into Our Website Copywriting

You Get Great Writing That Captures The Passion Of Your Business

Effective website content—powerfully attractive to your target market—must capture your passion. You’re in business because of a strong drive. Many writers turn out serviceable writing, but don’t capture the heart and passion of your business. Without articulating these strong feelings, your website writing WON’T and CAN’T deliver the financial results you expect. I guarantee you we will capture your passion.

You Get A Professional Marketing Coach As Well As A Professional Writer

We combine coaching with writing to magnetize your web content. On your own, it’s challenging to describe heartfelt business philosophy, values and experience. You can’t quite package your expertise in language that motivates readers. My coaching interview technique eliminates these issues. I help you clarify the language that delivers results.

Just Writing and Coaching Isn’t Enough Either…

Your Website Must Have A Strategy

A website without a strategy is a waste of time and money. You have a business objective in mind when writing a website. Your website strategy must be designed to accomplish that objective. When the website writing is strategic, it draws your exact target market to your business and compels them to want your services.

We Develop a Website Strategy As We Work

As a byproduct of our content interview process, you also get strategic planning. There are three areas of strategic planning we work on.

Delivering On Your Business Objectives

More clients, more business, more leads, these are the usual objectives. Unless these objectives are built into your  website strategy and website copy, your website can’t produce these results. We build the website copy around these objectives.

Defining Your Business For Profit

You can count on me for suggestions that make your business most profitable. Small tweaks make a big difference in value to customer, ease of delivery, or YOUR OWN work/life balance. I regularly make suggestions such as developing a more profitable market or changing offerings or niche.

Selecting Website Strategies

We won’t just work on website copy. We’ll also be discussing how you market your services after the website is finished. We’ll work on tried-and-true methods like email marketing and download-driven traffic, but also talk about social media and blogging. We ensure that you have methods in place for ongoing promotion once the site is launched.

Solutions We Provide

These Are The Solutions We Provide

Here’s What You Can Expect As A Result Of Our Work


WOW Factor Writing provides unique website writing results for our clients. Here’s what you get from us:

We write your website for you—from a series of coaching-style interviews. You aren’t spending time away from your business to get a website written. I interview you and we work out the concepts and strategies in this series of interviews. You’re busy making money while I write your content for you.

Your website content aligns perfectly with the exact nature of your business. There are no discrepancies that waste time explaining to prospects. You feel proud to give out your website address. Without all the embarrassing explanations, your sales process develops momentum and maintains it.

You have an upgraded business with a stronger target market and new offerings. We accomplish this rapidly, while taking a minimum of your time and effort. You’re able to easily transition to the “new” business without a hitch. Our streamlined process provides you new website content written through strategic brainstorming rather than solitary effort.

Your website is an online lead funnel with built-in strategy. The site sells your services and brings you interested prospects. We provide exactly the right information to get the right clients interested in purchasing your services. This turns your website into an automatic marketing machine.

Your website describes your business with the same excitement as your sales conversations. We capture the passion that’s in your voice when you talk about your business. It’s easy to understand your services and how you help your clients. The site performs most of the sales process for you—saving you time. When prospects call you, they’re already 90% sold before you even speak to them.

Seven Key Benefits

When Investing In Website Writing To Sell Services…

You Want To Know How You’re Going To Benefit


When hiring a website content writer to sell your services, consider the benefits. Let’s summarize the key benefits of working with WOW Factor Writing for website content to sell services. See benefits below:


Your Bottom Line Is Our #1 Priority

We stay focused on your bottom line throughout the writing process. If ideas get “iffy” or too future-driven, I keep us focused on immediate reality. We stick to revenue-producing strategies in our brainstorming sessions.

You Get Professional Writing, Marketing Coaching, and Strategic Planning Combined

You benefit from choosing a professional writer who is also a marketing coach and strategist. You get excellent writing, along with coaching that strategically positions your business for results. You’re working with a partner and collaborator to refine your niche, define offerings, and explore business potential.

You Get “Crazy Fast” Results

Clients say I’m “crazy fast”, and I pride myself on getting the writing done as quickly as practical. You have final product MUCH faster working with me than struggling to do it on your own. I consider it a part of my service to keep the client’s project on track. You can count on me to be a team player who keeps the project moving.

We Precisely Target YOUR Market

We work together intensely to identify and describe your target market. There’s no generic verbiage, but instead your precise target market easily recognizes that you help people like them. They understand that YOU are the one who can solve their problems.

Your Website Writing Authentically Represents Your Business

Your website content represents the authentic “voice” of your business. The writing is conversational, free of hype, and enticing to read. It’s plain English, written to attract your ideal clients. We convey your true business value—with conviction, passion, and confidence.

Working Together is Easier and More Fun Than Working Alone

My clients comment on the fun we have and how they feel uplifted by our conversations. It’s a lot more fun doing big writing projects when you’re freed from the pain of working alone. We have one or two interview sessions a week, then you conduct your business and I do the writing. You don’t lose revenue or get bogged down with writing.

Your Website Is Designed To Be A Lead Funnel

From the beginning, your site is built to produce results—i.e., leads. After all, when you’re selling services, you build a site to get new business. WOW Factor Writing’s website strategy is for your site to be a funnel to suck in leads and deliver them to your mailbox.

Bonuses You Get

That’s Not All That’s Different About This Service…


You Get Even More


Our unique working style isn’t all you get when you work with us. You can expect to get the following additional benefits.


We position your business to improve financial results. We start with the objectives you want to accomplish. We run those objectives through “reality filters” and ask clarifying questions. We keep asking, “How do we position your business to deliver those financial results?”


We upgrade your target market AND your business. I constantly encourage you to look at new possibilities to increase your revenue, profit and ease. These upgrades are a natural byproduct of our work.


We evolve your services by creating new high end programs. We’ll reconfigure your services to deliver greater value to your clients. Higher value—i.e., more valuable outcomes—delivered to your clients means you can charge more. Typically, my clients end up charging somewhere between 2X and 10X the previous price of their services.


We evolve your services by creating new high end programs. We’ll reconfigure your services to deliver greater value to your clients. Higher value—i.e., more valuable outcomes—delivered to your clients means you can charge more. Typically, my clients end up charging somewhere between 2X and 10X the previous price of their services.


We clarify and refine or reinvent your niche. Starting with your unique combination of skills and experience, we carve out a unique niche. This positions you to be THE expert in that niche. That’s what makes a specific niche both profitable for your business and enjoyable for you. Those who serve a specific niche find it easier to sell their services and easier to locate clients.


You feel more confident when talking about your business. Our work together clarifies what you do and the value you deliver. You find it easy to describe your business and the benefits that prospects can expect. It’s a joy to see my clients “claim” their own greatness in this process.


You get synergistic brainstorming with a marketing pro. Whether you’re looking to increase business revenue, or want to work on that elusive life balance, we set you on the path to what you want.


We suggest passive income possibilities if it fits. Often clients have a lot of intellectual property that’s not bringing income. They need to figure out what to do with these materials, and how to integrate the products into their strategy. We discuss using those materials to enhance your strategic plan.


Our Business Aim

Delighted Clients—And Referrals—Are My Primary Business Goal


I Want To Get Such Great Results For You That You Tell Everyone You Know


Most of my clients are referrals from satisfied clients—and that’s the way I want it. I “get my kicks” by having totally delighted clients singing my praises. Money is great, but I’m not in this ONLY for money. I get charged up by transforming my clients’ businesses and helping them earn more money.


My biggest thrill is discovering the right words and concepts to create resonance between my clients and their target market. When we hit those points of resonance, my clients literally “light up”. I can hear their confidence soaring and they literally “step into” their full expression. Throughout the writing process, you can count on my doing whatever it takes so that you want to refer your friends to me.


Where to Next?

Now that you know our business aim, go to the Services Overview page for a quick summary of the various services we offer.