For That Reason, I Allow Payment Over Time To Clients With Good Credit

That said, of course I want to ensure that I am paid for all my hard work on your behalf. Here’s what you can expect when we both agree to work together.

Payment Process

Information Gathering And Setting First Appointment

  • Upon agreement that we will work together, I take your credit card information and client information.
  • This information gets auto-populated into a Letter of Agreement, which is automatically generated by my agreement system. Credit card information is anonymized according to highest standards.
  • We set the appointment for our first session.

Signing The Letter Of Agreement

  • As soon as we get off the phone, you will be sent notification to sign the Letter of Agreement.
  • The Letter of Agreement is digital. You will be asked to put your initials in certain places to indicate agreement. Then, you will be asked to sign the agreement.
  • The Letter of Agreement is very simple and easy to understand. It is not in legalese. It is is conversational English. The agreement includes these parts:
    • Letter of Agreement—This is my simple standard agreement.
    • Statement of Work—This clearly lays out the work to be accomplished, and what you get.
    • Client Information Form—This is information I need to set up your file in my system, and to set up an accounting file, and recurring credit card payments.
    • Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization Form—This is the information my credit card processor needs to know to process your payments.

Payment Schedule

  • Your first payment will be charged on the card shortly after you have signed the agreement, and before our first session.
  • The remaining charges will be charged on the same day of the month as your initial payment—one payment in each of the following months until the remainder is paid.

There Are Many Benefits To These Policies…

…For Both My Clients and For Me

The main benefit for my clients is that they can get their websites done FAST! The shortest time it’s taken me to create the full content for a website is 21 days. Without the payment plan, you’d have to pay in full shortly after we get started—because we’d already be finished. That’s not a realistic financial commitment for most small businesses.

With my process in place, I can get the content to you quickly without worrying about whether or not I’ll get paid. You don’t have to worry about coming up with all the money at once, or being able to pay large “milestone payments”.

I write very FAST and get into a lot of creative inspiration. If I had to stop and start to be sure that I got paid before you received the writing product, I’d lose momentum. The lag times would dissipate the inspiration.

Payment Policies

  • No appointment takes place without a payment being made in advance or a payment agreement in place.
  • All payments are made from a single credit card. I’m not set up to juggle payments on multiple cards.
  • Credit is only extended with a Credit Card Authorization and signed agreement in place. These two documents assure that the credit card company will be able to process the payments.
  • Client pays a standard $15 fee for a credit report prior to my extending credit.

Where to Next?

Now that you know my payment process and policies, you have several different choices:

  • You can go to the Free Website Makeover Consultation page if you would like to speak to me about creating or revising a full website.
  • You can go to the Free Premium Packages Consultation page if you would like to speak to me about creating a premium-priced package of your services.
  • You can use the contact form on the Contact Us page to contact me informally about your questions or needs.
  • You can go to Refer To Suzi Elton to find out how you might refer your friends and family to me.