Your Biggest Problem Is What To Say On Your Website

You Can’t Sell Your Services Without The Right Words

  • Your consulting services or tech products are complex. You need words that communicate their true value—simply.
  • You need website content that moves readers to a buying decision—and produces leads.
  • You want ideal clients to follow a specific path on your site (“Buyer’s Journey”) that tells a compelling story of your business.

You Sell Services Or Tech Products

But Complexity Makes It Hard To Explain The Benefits To Potential Clients

Your website isn’t getting the kind of response needed to grow the business. Potential clients don’t get excited. You can tell they don’t understand or that something is missing in your website content.

We Primarily Focus On Two Types Of Clients

Professional Consultants, Speakers, And Trainers Who Sell High-End Services

  • Your most pressing need is to increase the value of your services—so you can increase prices without pushback.
  • You also are ready to update your offerings to meet a changing market and to improve revenue.
  • You need to regularly generate new leads.

Startups—Especially Tech Companies—That Are Ready To Go To Market

  • Your website reads like it was written by an engineer (‘cause it was!).
  • You need website content that “translates” technical complexities into desirable benefits.
  • You need to regularly generate new leads.

When You Strategically Design Website Content So It Produces Leads...

There Are Three Specific Things Your Site Content Must Accomplish

  • First, you have to get the attention of ideal clients.
  • Second, your website content must be 95% client-centric.
  • Third, every element of the website aims to produce leads.

Let’s examine each of these a bit.

First, You Have To Get The Attention Of Ideal Clients

At the very top of the Home page, you have to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

You need to communicate your entire business within the first 6 seconds a visitor is on the site.

You need to immediately excite an ideal client’s hope that you can solve their problem or pain.

When you do this at the top of your Home page, a site visitor is going to read the rest of the page and click to more pages.

Second, Your Website Content Must Be 95% Client-Centric

Your website isn’t about you. It’s about the clients you want to attract.

Your targeted clients have “pain points” they need to solve. Make it clear how you solve those problems for them.

Build your services to satisfy the specific needs of the clients you aim to attract.

Doing all this keeps the attention of your site visitor. You have them thinking, This website is talking about ME! Now I HAVE to know more about them.”

Third, Every Element Of The Website Aims To Produce Leads

The primary objective of the website is to get a potential client to take a next step with you.

Every word, every page, every element of the website focuses on that end.

You stategically provide information—step-by-step—that leads to a buying decision.

Altogether, website content that follows these three concepts becomes a lead funnel website.

  • Lead funnel websites are intentional.
  • They are strategically designed to produce leads.
  • You use a systematic and focused approach to move site visitors to becoming fresh “leads” for you.

Where To Next?

Now you have an overview of how WOW Factor Writing works to deliver lead funnel website content to clients. To learn the details of who we work with, click Who.

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