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It is commonly a struggle to discover the words that sell an intangible like a service. Many gifted service providers get amazing results for clients—yet flounder when it comes to explaining what they do.

It’s frustrating to observe someone you respect struggling to articulate their value. It’s even harder when you’ve experienced that value first-hand. Does this describe your feelings when you see friends and loved ones try to sell their services? If so, you may want to consider referring them to WOW Factor Writing.

This act of generosity can also be a smart business practice. By pointing the way to solve this soul-crushing problem, you are perceived as a problem-solver and a resource. In return, you’ll likely realize both loyalty and reciprocity. Besides, it’s just plain Good Karma!

How You Would Spot an Ideal Person to Refer To WOW Factor Writing

We help consultants, coaches, and other entrepreneurs who sell services. They could be alternative health care providers, chiropractors, trainers, public relations or social media experts or professional speakers.

The common thread is that they sell services and can’t always clearly articulate the “magic” they provide. They are highly-motivated and probably “on a mission” to make a difference in the world. Here are some of the characteristics that would help you recognize them:

  • You see them perform “miracles” in the services they provide, but there’s a “disconnect” when they try to explain what they do.
  • When they try to articulate a description of their services, they struggle and get tongue-tied or flustered.
  • When they describe their services, what they say falls flat—they don’t get the attention they deserve.
  • They aren’t earning nearly the amount of money they should be for the value of their services and the benefits they provide.
  • They’ve got a good business, but are not communicating in such a way that people readily WANT to buy. They struggle to make sales.

What You Could Tell Them About How WOW Factor Writing Works

Tell them that our basic approach is that we work with clients to create their website content in the following way:

  1. We use a coaching process to elicit the words that will sell their services.
  2. We interview them to get their website content. A no-pressure interview method accesses their greatest confidence and most inspired thoughts and words.
  3. We co-create a marketing strategy that fits comfortably for them, and can bring their target market to them.
  4. Our website creation process requires minimum time from the client. Creating site content does not distract them from revenue-producing activities. We do the writing for them.

When You Want To Refer To Me, Here’s How To Make The Referral

  1. Find out if we’re likely to be a good fit (see “How You Would Spot an Ideal Person to Refer To WOW Factor Writing above).
  2. If so, tell them what we do (use the “What You Could Tell Them About How WOW Factor Writing Works” section above).
  3. If you’ve worked with me personally, be sure to mention your own experience and why you recommend they speak with me.
  4. Ask for their permission to send me their contact information.
  5. Once you’ve gotten permission, the ideal is that you send an e-mail of introduction to both parties with a subject line of “Introducing The Two Of You”.
  6. In the e-mail, write a quick synopsis about each party and why you are introducing the two of us.
  7. Suggest they review my website:
  8. Be sure the e-mail includes contact information for both parties.Mine is: (408) 610-9603,

Here’s What Happens After You Refer Someone to WOW Factor Writing

This is our client referral process:

  • Upon receiving referral contact information from you, we contact them by phone to introduce ourselves (when possible immediately, and certainly the same day or within one business day). Alternatively, we may email first to set up a time to call.
  • We invite them to go through a complimentary Strategy Session.During this session, they get an opportunity to ask questions and learn about WOW Factor Writing’s approach. We learn about what they wish to achieve and how we can help them do that.
  • Depending on the nature of their situation, we might spend approximately 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, we ask questions about their website writing needs and other communication issues.
  • By the end of the session, we have a solid feel for what they want and how we can help them. If appropriate, we’ll invite them to work with us.
  • Regardless of whether they choose to work with us or not, we’ll give you a follow-up status report, so you’ll know how things went.

Refer to Suzi Elton

Where to Next?

Now that you’ve looked over my portfolio, go to the Payment Process and Policies page to read about my payment policies and what you can expect to happen once we’ve agreed to work together.